My research area is robotics applied to agriculture. I have a strong interest in developing and deploying agricultural robots that can help improve food security and sustainability. Agricultural robots can offer many advantages, such as lower pesticide use, less water consumption, more efficient use of human labor, lower health risks for workers, and higher crop yields.
My current projects involve designing and testing small and medium-sized mobile robots that can perform various tasks in agricultural settings, such as greenhouses and vineyards. I aim to create robots that can adapt to different environments and crops, and that can cooperate with each other and with humans.

I am a Ph.D. holder in Industrial Engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev since 2016. My Ph.D. project involved creating a novel human-robotic collaborative sprayer with intelligent sensing algorithms and human-robot interaction design. I also worked as a research engineer at the Volcani Center, Israel's Agriculture Research Organization, where I conducted R&D on agricultural robotics topics such as mobile robots kinematics, in-field navigation, machine vision algorithms, and agricultural robotics design and evaluation. I completed my postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley and the CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, where I focused on precision irrigation and developing electro-mechanical tools for home and service robots.
Currently, I am collaborating with bluewhite to develop the next generation of our robotic tractor fleet.